3D Rendering in Windows® with and without OpenGL®
Sample Code from Dudley J. Benton, Ph.D.

Over fifty complete and fully functional sample codes are included in this zip file: 3Drendering.zip. I have recently removed all of the pre-compiled executables from this archive and renamed the OpenGL DLLs from *.dll to *_dll in order to avoid blockage by some anti-virus software. You can easily recompile the examples, as there are batch files for each one, or you can use your own IDE, such as Visual Studio. I also converted all of the textures from BMPs to JPGs to save space and have tested every example. I hope you find these examples helpful. If you do, send me an Email.

There are three different versions of Stonehenge: 1) the original one that came with the OpenGL® Software Development Kit, 2) one that is a little more complicated and has three-dimensional controls, and 3) this one that doesn't use OpenGL®. This last example contains all the code necessary to render 3D objects, including the primitive calculations.

This example will import a 3D Studio® model and render it using OpenGL®. It also has 3D controls. T-Rex is included, of course!

This example shows how to draw objects and cover them with a picture.

This example shows how to draw objects without using OpenGL®.

This example comes with TP2 (see free software page). The commands are very simple:
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